This is where I put all my art, a section considerably greater than I'd figured it would be when I first started.  ^^  Neat.

You can save these to your own computers at home for personal use.  However, for anything else, do the following:

1: Ask me by way of e-mail at
2: Upload it to your own server; don't link it from my space for any reason whatsoever.
3: Don't forget to give me credit somewhere.
4: Give me the link of the site that it's at; I want to see it. :)

Click on the images, and you'll be taken to the bigger versions.

The Sketches -- Colored Works -- Completely CG

The Sketches

A.k.a. Uncolored Pencil-Drawings

Akkis! Akkis! -- A few of me in different poses.  5-5-01
Joshua the Expressive Joshua the Expressive -- A few Joshuas with different expressions.  5-11-01
Matt in a Burlap Sack Matt in a Burlap Sack -- Digimon's Matt pictured in a sack.  Date unknown.
Natalie and Joshua Natalie and Joshua -- Natalie Walker and Joshua, looking cool. 9-23-01
Heather Heather -- A friend of mine, one of my first tries at drawing from real life in months. 11-7-01
Natalie 2 Natalie 2 -- A concept sketch of Natalie Murke, from Transversal, henceforth known as "Natalie the Younger".  Date Unknown.
Lamia Lamia -- A sketch of a drawing in the D&D (3rd edition) Monster Manual. 12-14-01
Blink Dog Blink Dog -- Same as above. 12-14-01
Natalie's Web Natalie's Web -- Natalie the Younger in a Dokugumon's web. 12-14-01
Gijinka Armadillomon Gijinka Armadillomon -- A humanoid version of Digimon's Armadillomon. 12-14-01
D&D Character Concepts: #1 D&D Character Concepts #1 -- Leia Murke, no relation to Natalie the Younger.  One of my D&D Characters; a monk. 1-25-02
Sarah and Jasmine Sarah and Jasmine -- Two Digidestined and their Digimon partners, from Transversal. 2-15-02
Halfling Halfling -- While it's hard to tell what halflings are by anything but their shortness, take my word, that's what I drew.  2-15-02
Nala Atwater, the Paladin Nala Atwater, the Paladin -- Another one of my D&D characters, this one's a paladin. 2-15-02
Cover Art Sketch for Transversal -- A rather rough sketch for the cover of my Digimon fanfic, Transversal. 4-16-02
Kunemon Concept Art -- How does Kunemon look when he's sad, worried, or using echolocation? 4-16-02
Digi-Kitties -- The human cast of Transversal (and Tsukaimon) as cats.6-04-02 NEW!!
Group Shot -- Four characters in the same shot . . . I think this is a first. 6-04-02  NEW!!
I Wonder . . .-- Natalie looks into the sky as Joshua and Akki sleep. 6-04-02  NEW!!
Sleeping Hare -- An Easter present for a friend of mine. 6-04-02  NEW!!
Easter . . . Wolf? -- An Easter present for two friends of mine. 6-04-02  NEW!!
Schoolgirl -- Basically, me in one of those anime school uniforms for girls . . . 6-04-02 NEW!!
Swamp Thing -- The picture I drew from the cover of the Swamp Thing DVD. 6-04-02  NEW!!
Babysitting Blues -- Akki The Bat excuses herself after trying to babysit three young furs. 6-04-02 NEW!!

Colored Works

Gijinka Biyomon Gijinka Biyomon -- A humanoid version of Digimon's Biyomon, and my very first drawing on this site. 4-21-01
Gijinka Tentomon Gijinka Tentomon -- A humanoid version of Digimon's Tentomon. 5-14-01
Joshua in CG Joshua and Numemon -- A CGed Joshua doesn't look pleased with his partner.  6-13-01
MegaTokyo Guest Comic Strip Entry MegaTokyo Guest Comic Strip Entry -- My first comic ever, and it shows.  7-25-01
Gijinka V-mon Gijinka Veemon -- A humanoid version of Veemon, adapted from a picture of a friend.  Date Unknown.
When Numemon Attack When Numemon Attack -- Numemon throwing a large piece of "numeslime".  Date Unknown.
Perspective Test Perspective Test -- My first try at an overhead perspective, as I look up, standing between two candles. 9-12-01
First Day First Day -- First days can be tough; Gijinka Tentomon looks back in before heading to the bus stop. 9-23-01
Christmas Cosplay - In Color! Christmas Cosplay -- Gabumon and Patamon dress up as Snoopy and Woodstock.  Also available in line-art. 12-24-01
The Reader The Reader -- Those who can read -- should!  Gift for a friend. 1-25-02
Nine for Mortal Men, Doomed to Die Nine for Mortal Men, Doomed to Die -- Evil me holds a ring.  2-15-02
Night on the Forest Path -- My first watercolor painting.  I don't like it that much, but I've gotta put it for reference.  6-04-02 NEW!!

Completely CG

A.k.a. things that weren't drawings first.

Combined Crests Combined Crests -- Combination of various crests from Digimon, with some CG-effects. 4-21-01
MS Paint Presents: Joshua! -- My first officially released drawing that was fully drawn in Microsoft Paint. 4-16-02
MS Paint Presents: Akilika! -- My second officially released drawing that was fully drawn in Microsoft Paint. 4-16-02
MS Paint Presents: Kari! -- My third official MS Paint drawing, this one of the Child of Light. :)  4-16-02
Anime Akki: Beyond  the Photograph -- I drew me next to a photo of me for homecoming. 6-04-02 NEW!!
Akki the Bat -- I drew myself as an anthromorphic bat.  In roller skates. 6-04-02 NEW!!
-- A cute little dragon picture I drew. ^^ 6-04-02 NEW!!