June 04, 2002

It's been far too long.  But there's a good deal of stuff I've got to report.

1: I have changed the background color (not image) of every single page on my site from skyblue to E7E6DC.  I may have forgotten to upload a few, though--tell me (through e-mail or my message board) if there are any I've left out.

2: I've gone way, way, way through my backlog of unposted images and poems, and I've made a few new ones.  There are twelve new images (eight sketches, one colored, and three completely CG) and four new poems (one miscellaneous (Gene Catlow), three original).  I'm thinking of splitting up my art page--it's getting a bit big.

3: I'm not marking the next-to-last updates anymore.  It's confusing.  Besides, everything's dated and chronological, anyway, so it's kind of pointless . . . 'sides, with the frequency I update, and the amount of users I have, really, I don't think I'll catch someone two updates behind too often, without being far enough behind where they'd need to check everything, anyway.

4: I've updated my links section--the comic section has two new links added for General Protection Fault and Sea of Insanity.  In Writing/Art, I've added fanfiction.net, but everyone knows about them already.  In addition to the addition in the comic sections, I've also included listings for how often each comic is updated, as specifically as I'm certain of.  I'm not entirely sure which day of the week the weeklies update, in other words.

5: I've added a link-to-me section to the main site, because there were too many banner images.  I've also included on that site a nice little explanation of bandwidth and direct linking for those unfamiliar with the terms, because there are people unfamiliar with the terms, and I don't want mishaps to happen due to confusion.

Anyhow . . . that's all.

April 16, 2002

Sorry for the long no-update period; I've really been procrastinating because I've been doing a lot.  And it was really hard because I was trying to come up with a new Art section format.  I think I succeeded, though.  And, for the record, now blue signifies the latest update, and brown signifies the second-to-last update.  It worked the other way when the background was blue, but blue stands out more.  Also, I'm now ordering everything in chronological order, and not alphabetical.  I made rough guesses for the unknowns.  As well, the latest update will be available on the main page, as well as the updates section.

If any of the dates are between now and the last time I updated, that's a mistake--I must have missed it.  I keep on thinking that I'm going to update the day that I do work, but it never really works out like that.  Tell me where it is, either by e-mailing me or posting it in the proper section of the board.  You don't need to register to post.

I've got a lot of material, actually.  I've got the lyrics Jasmine's theme up, and although I have something of a tune in my mind, until I get a microphone, it's not going to be sung.  Plus, the tune isn't set in stone; I don't know what notes I'm singing, and I don't have an instrument, so I can't check it out.  And the time-signature and key signature always screw me up . . . I think it's going to be perhaps 6/8 time.  I'd have to know the notes before I figured a key signature.  I'm picturing it as sort of an eighties pop tune, though.

I also have another song called "Hometown", a parody of "Downtown".  I actually wrote it quite a bit ago, but . . . ^^;

I'm totally re-doing Transversal.  I don't like my current Chapter One, and I'm starting again.  I've got the prologue up, and the the old Chapter One out.  If you really want to see the old Chapter One, however, it's still going to be available--I just need to find a place for it.

I've got three Art pieces that are all done fully in Microsoft Paint.  You'll find those at the very bottom, in the "Completely CG" section.  I've got pictures of Joshua, me, and Digimon's Kari Kamiya.  I've also got a sketch for the cover art for Transversal (also available in the Transversal section), and some conceptual art for Kunemon, who is Jasmine's partner.  You only see Kunemon in a few poses ever in the TV show or cards, so how does the little bug express himself?  Both the cover and the concept art are in the sketches section, as well as in the Transversal section of Fiction.

I stepped on a scale and weighed myself--I now know my weight. Check it out at "This is Your Webmistress".

Check out the board, I added a new forum called "Ask the Cast".  If you want to ask the characters portrayed on this site any questions (including ones that don't belong to me, including the Gijinkas, including the originals and me, pretty much anyone portrayed), that's the place to do it.  Nobody's posted in a while, and I decided to add that forum because of that.

I hope this is worth almost two months of waiting.

February 15, 2002

One month 'till March 15, the ides of March . . . wouldn't matter, 'cept we're reading Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser in English, and the ides of March is when he was killed.  We watched part of a video on Ceaser (History channel, I think) today in Latin class, too; I liked the foot-soldiers tape better.  Maybe the foot-soldiers tape was a bit too punny/not-serious, but this Ceaser tape . . . they're over-dramatizing everything.  "And this is where he played with his friends, where he learned the skills he'd use to kill so many people on the battlefield later in life."  I mean . . . come on.

I've redone the page; the old layout seemed way too boring.  I got this background from an image in Microsoft PhotoDraw.  I think it makes the page a little more textured.  And I've also made the tables in the Art section visible.  Maybe changed a few other minor things.

Also dated everything I could get a record for . . .

Considering putting up some images, just for decoration, but . . . one step at a time.

New poem, new art.  And I actually have a link to Transversal's first chapter, now. ^^;

That is all.

January 25, 2002

It's been over a month since my last update . . . -.-;

In any case, I've done a bit of re-tooling.  I've also got my first Chapter One up, ever.  It's for something called Transversal, over in the Fiction section.

I've got Author's Notes for all of my writings, now.  I also made a separate section for poetry.

I've got two new pictures in the Art section, one CGed and the other not.  One's my D&D character, the other is dedicated to DoraMouse.  You can probably guess . . .

I've changed my disclaimer.

December 24, 2001

Put up the colored version of Christmas Cosplay. :)  And I've got a non-fiction piece on perception that's not Christmassy at all.  That's all. :B

December 14, 2001

Man . . . over a month since last update.  I'm pretty sure it's worth it though.

Five.  New.  Arts.  Five.  None of them are colored, regretably, but eh.  I think you should go check that out, as well as the new poem in the fiction section.

I should have one more update before Christmas, to post up the colored version of that one Christmas drawing in the art section, with Gabumon and Patamon as Snoopy and Woodstock.  Even if I have nothing else, I'll post it up.

Decided to ditch the character section idea.  It's just hard to get any uniformity.  I'll make characters individual to every story, and post their stats where they need to be.

Re-added DiGiMoN iNsAnE to the links list.  Turns out they were just down.

So, ah . . . happy winter, everyone.

November 7, 2001

Happy Birthday to me!  Actually, my birthday was two days ago.  And everyone was so nice, and remembered!  I've gotten more "Happy Birthdays" than I ever think I've gotten, and it had to have been my best birthday ever.  . . . well, until one of Mom's coworkers died . . . I didn't know him, and he'd been dying for a long time . . .

I just needed to say that.

Well, I've felt that I've left the old layout up long enough . . . it was really depressing me . . .

I've got a new piece in Art, called "Heather"; it's a portrait of a friend of mine.  It's not great, but it's my first portrait in a long time.  I'm generally not good at pictures of things that are actually in existence.  I'm so much better at drawing drawings.  I've also got a Christmas-themed line art; it's not that I'm religiously affiliated, but I just think the Charlie Brown Christmas specials are so cute. ^^  I'm currently coloring that in, but it might take a bit of time.

I'm constructing a "Character" section, so expect that soon.  I'm going to start off with characters from my latest idea for a story (which I've only told a few people), and then just put characters there . . . maybe so I can draw from them later, or something, if I need a character.

I've got a new second-favorite quote, behind "there are two sides to every coin".  Humanum errare est.  To err is human.  I don't know what my second-favorite quote was before . . . but eh.

Not too much writing . . . I've had some false leads on that latest idea I told you about, but that's about it.  I'll post up whatever more I get, though.

That is all.

September 23, 2001

Spree doesn't work anymore, don't try to go there.

I've got a cute picture in Art called "First Day"; I've got another picture in Art called "Natalie and Joshua", I have an essay I wrote for English in Non Fiction.  I have a new banner, but I'm getting the impression people are trying to forget about the occurrence that it's based on.  I'm trying to forget, too.  If I weren't convinced it would be disrespectful to redo the site again, and if it weren't such work, I'd do that right now . . . but I'll wait until the eleventh, I guess . . .

2:03 AM . . . I'm going to be really tired in school tomorrow. -.-;

September 12, 2001

It's been a long month . . .

I've changed the layout of the page, due to what happened yesterday.  If you have any problems with it . . . tell me, I'll try to fix it . . .

A new piece of art; a piece of fiction, a piece of non-fiction, a new comic link, a new banner.  That's all.

August 17, 2001

All right, sorry for taking so long to update.  I'm too lazy to upload my drawings right now, and it took a while to write anything.  But, there's stuff, don't worry!

1: Two new pieces of fiction, one written eight days shy of a year ago called Overplay, a poem; the other is my first romance fic, Crushing Silence.

2: I put up a new banner in the Megchan's Banners section: a Digimon Fanworks banner.  Sorry, folks; that's all.

3: Made some minor adjustments with my Me section, nothing much.

Anyway, sorry for a not-big update . . . when I finally scan my drawings in, you won't be disappointed.  Assuming I don't lose them again . . . ^^;

That is all.

July 25, 2001

The problem with Myrmid's upload is solved.  Finally.


1: Three new poems added to Fiction, one of which is in a new section, "Miscellaneous".
2: A new picture in the Art section.  My guest strip entry for Megatokyo.
3: New Credits.
4: "This Is Your Webmistress" is updated with a few things.
5: Twelve  users in the messageboard.  Woo.
6: Happy Birthday, Megchan's Digimon Messageboard.
7: Since nobody e-mailed me for the 800 hit gift, I did a random draw from the people I knew visited the site.  Zetsuboomon won, and I'm working on his hit gift right now.
8: Apparently, Cherie's site isn't down, anymore; I must have been mistaken.  That's added to Friends' Links.  I recommend it.
9: I broke one thousand hits.

That is all.


July 17, 2001

First update at Myrmid.com!

Okay, I'm making the next update before I officially release that I'm finished uploading my site.  Mainly, because it will take a long time to fix all the ads I can.  My EZBoard profile, my Fanfiction.net profile, the Crossroads, the messageboard, and others.

Even then, I'm sure that I'll forget some.  Oh, well.

Not a big update.  But, then again, it'll take enough effort to move the big update over, so I'm not sure I want a big update.

1: Fiction is updated with a Digimon poem that I can't believe I haven't posted yet called The Curse.  It's about Numemon.  Big surprise, eh?
2: I fixed some minor mistakes (mainly, I alphabetized the Fiction section.  Also, I took away the Digimon Insane link; I can't find the page . . .).
3: I added a few new banners to the Banners section.

That's really . . . it.  I haven't had much time to scan in drawings or write; I've been up to my earlobes lately . . .

Ah, well.  Tune in next time.

June 25, 2001

!!!!!!!!!!  Dudes!!!!  My old address at Myrmid, it's here again!

I have a few new site banners, all hosted at Spree (meaning you can link directly to them), a new Fiction piece (a monologue, Original Fiction), I corrected a name in Links (The Little Homepage that Grew), I added a few Credits, I fixed a few minor mistakes . . .

But the point is, http://akki.myrmid.com, it's there!  I can move everything back!

And to think I was going to move to Dreamwater . . .

Let us rejoice, for that is good.

June 21, 2001

Okay, kind of a big update, here . . .

I added a new Non-Fiction piece.  My guide to website design.  (Note that I'm not an expert; what I say is highly subjective.)  Three new pieces of artwork.  And an EZBoard.

If you don't like EZBoards, don't go.  However . . . EZBoard is what I'm familiar with, ever since InsideTheWeb kicked the bucket.  I like EZBoard better, too, despite the fact that it's very prone to bugs.  What isn't?

Also, I've moved my page to the Australian Domain Registry.  I can't use Myrmid anymore.  Since my Spree page is being used to host my Izzy shrine, I decided to use Australian Domain Registry.

But, this just makes the "don't link directly to anything" rule more important, 'cause I'll be charged money if I go over my bandwidth limit.  And, I don't have money.  So, don't.  I stress this even more than before.  Okay?  Okay.

I also added a link to the Links section, to a Pokemon fan fiction that I think is really very good . . . I recommend it.  I also added EZBoard's, and Bravenet's links.  And, a few new banners for my site.  I also put the Pokemon link into the Digimon links, and re-named it Anime links.  I got rid of Service Links (they're all mentioned on the Credits page), and added a Comic Links section, for the online comics I read regularly.

I also added a few banners to the Banners section.

I updated a few things in the "Me" section.

So . . . well, that's it.

June 13, 2001

After a couple of months with creativity-block, man, I do think that I'm getting the hang of this again . . . woo!

Or maybe I've just got a small streak back, and it'll be gone by week's end.  Either way, it works.

Not much in the way of an update today, though; just an addition to the Art section.  I worked all day on that picture . . . and it still doesn't look too good, but oh, well, it's there.

That is all.

June 12, 2001

It's actually only been a couple of hours since my last update, but . . . eh.

1: Links section updated; I now have a link to my new Izzy shrine, Open Mind.  Also, I took down the Anime Art Invasion link down, since IK took it down. :(  I'm sad . . .

2: Fiction section updated; I have the new hit-gift poem.

3: Hit-Gift section updated; I have the new winner's winnings listed.

That is all.

June 11, 2001

I have been feeling really kind of burned out . . . so I haven't been doing much.  Alas . . .

Anyhow . . .

I updated the Art section with a picture of a reoccurring character of mine called Joshua.

That's all.

May 27, 2001

DoraMouse gave me a banner!  Yaay!

Anyway . . .

"Links" updated with the new banner.  "Banners" updated with another banner.

I took out the "Groups" section, as well as the "Digiquality" page.  Maybe I'll bring it back up later.

That's all.

May 16, 2001

I accidentally saved over my last update . . . ><

Anyway, I have a new link in the Links section, alphabetized everything.  I also fixed the Index and Art sections, to show the updates.  Because of the update screw-up, the pages updated on 5-14 and 5-16 are going to be marked as red on the index page.

And check out the Gijinka Tentomon . . .

That is all.

May 14, 2001

I've decided against turning everything purple . . . that just seemed tacky.  Black and blue, with bits of red, will work well enough. :)

I got the Digimon Movie Soundtrack, but that's really not update material . . .

I've got a new fanart up.  Gijinka Tentomon.  I've been working on it for over a week . . . and it turned out pretty well. :)

That's all for this update . . . more next time.

May 6, 2001

The update has occurred, the update has occurred.

The site has been moved to http://akki.myrmid.com, as you might have already noticed.  :D  I am still incredibly, incredibly grateful to JT . . . :)

Guess the hit gifts mistake turned out okay in the end.  Yay!

Also, since the black text was seeming a bit . . . dull to me, starting next update, I'm going to start turning it deep purple.  It still shows up well, don't worry; I've tested it; however, it also goes with the blue a bit better.

I'm happy.  Quite happy.

And, that is all.

May 5, 2001

One heck of an update today . . . though really, not much happening.

1: Happy Fifth of May. :)  ((I don't know how to spell the Spanish five, so I'll just say Fifth of May.))

2: Turns out I forgot to take down my offer to give out hit gifts . . . so, we have a winner.  JDTurbeville, come on down.

3: JDTurbeville is letting me host my site at his place, Myrmid.com.  For this, I am quite unspeakably grateful.  :)  But, it means the entire site will move . . . fortunately, I create this stuff on my computer before I post it on the web, so the move is going to really pretty easy.

4: I added a new picture to Fanart, of me, by me.  And I fixed the broken links.  I forgot that everything is .htm, not .html . . .

5: Added a Banners section, with one banner so far.

6: Added a Groups section, with one group so far.

That's pretty much it.  Happy Fifth of May, everyone.

April 22, 2001

My site broke one hundred hits in less than a month.  I've only advertised two places, the only stuff I have here is digimon-related, and there isn't even that much of that . . . yet people are visiting.

Added a new piece of fiction, this time a non-Digimon piece of poetry called "Silent Demise".

I organized my links a bit more. 

Added my first piece of non-fiction, because I was sick of that section being empty.  It's on my concepts of racism and such.

That is all.

April 21, 2001

Gee, it's been a while . . . I've got to update this more regularly.

Added a link to my online journal in the "me" center (along with a few ways to contact me).  I added the link to the journal service in Credits and Links.  I like it that much.  :)

Added an Art section, with two pictures.  A Gijinka Biyomon, and pictures of combined crests.  I like them.  :)

Links now has descriptions of the various links accompanying.  And, I now have a banner.  Rather simple, but it works.

April 05, 2001

Added a guestbook.  Added a "credits" page.

That's all.

April 04, 2001

I finished the site, and it is now officially open!

April 03, 2001

I started working on this site so I'd have an excuse to store my images at Spree.