Toad Hollow

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Imagine waking up to find that you and the few people around you are the last people on earth.  That's what happened to eight toadlets who crawled out of their breeding pool late one season; everyone had left without them, so that they had to fend for themselves.  Now Fur Foot, Beauty Stem, Elf Cup, Shaggy Mane, Puff Ball, Slippery Jack, Oyster, and Panther Cap find themselves involved in a quest that many do not complete--a quest they didn't ask for, or even know about until they were told--to find the Fairy Ring, and go to Toad Hollow.  If they fail to read the Fairy Ring by season's end, it will close up, and they will each be turned into toadstools.

Led by Fur Foot, guided by Panther Cap, and weaving their way through danger after danger, this group of toads, this self-appointed Toad Patrol must find Toad Hollow . . . or else.

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