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Grand ReOpening!

(Last Updated: June 03, 2004)

After over two years of inactivity, Terra Akilikae (Land of Akilika) is open again. Yay! I hope you like this new state of things--I hope to never let it remain inactive again.

For those of you who are new, this is basically my warehouse in cyberspace, where I put my creations and such for all to view. As I'm kind enough to do this, I ask that you please do not take any material here for your webpage or anything without getting my permission. (Don't worry--it's not difficult to get.)

If you find any broken links, misspelled words, or anything, please e-mail me so that I can fix it. If you have anything you wish to say about anything you see here--good, bad, or ugly--I'd also like you to e-mail me.

Links are found on the left; I hope you enjoy yourself.

All contents of this website are copyright to Caitlin Woods. All rights reserved.