Link to Me

If you want to link to me by text, just use the name, Terra Akilikae.  The URL is  Don't forget the http://, those of you new to site-creation, because then the link will attempt to lead to an extension from your own site, which will result in a broken link.

Before you use any of the banners below, keep in mind that you cannot directly link to any of them.  (If you already are familiar with the concepts of bandwidth and directly linking, you can skip directly to the banners.)  Directly linking involves using the URL of the images from this site in your own IMG SRC tag.  The proper way to do this, the way that does not cost me bandwidth, is to save the banner you want to your computer, upload it to your website, and use the URL of the site that now leads from your website.

Whenever information on the Internet is transferred from one computer to another, it uses bandwidth.  Bandwidth is really the thing that costs money on the Internet.  It isn't file space, but bandwidth, that costs you.  Now, if someone directly links a banner from my site, this means that anyone who visits the page this banner is on is going to be using my bandwidth, not theirs, even if it is their site.  This happens regardless of whether they actually click on the banner or not.  Thus, I'll have virtually no control over how that particular bandwidth is being used.

I wouldn't really mind so much, but to be perfectly technical, it's not my bandwidth that's being used.  It's's, and I don't want to abuse their service.

So, I apologize; however, any banners you use must be uploaded to your own space for use, rather than directly linked from mine.

All of this is a relatively well-known fact--however, a lot of people don't know, so I figure it's best to explain why, rather than have people assume I'm being a jerk.

Anyway, that's all--onto the banners.

(Thanks, DoraMouse!)