I'm going to change the format of this page a little bit.

You will be directed to the banners by link.  

If you want to use any of the banners, do the following:

1: Ask me for permission via e-mail at, or via ICQ at 110518916.
2: Upload it to your own server; don't link it from my space for any reason whatsoever.
3: Don't forget to give me credit somewhere . . .
4: Give me the link of the site that it's at.

And . . . that's all.  On with the show.

Anime Art Invasion
This was made for the site Anime Art Invasion.

Attribute Barrier (Patamon/Demidevimon version)
Attribute Barrier (Leomon/Ogremon version)

I support Digiquality!  (Digimon + Equality)

Support Cody

People really should take the kid more seriously . . .

Buttons for Megchan's

Basically, all of the New Topic and Add Reply buttons I made for Megchan's Digimon Messageboard.


Web of the Fates

A banner I did for DoraMouse's website, Web of the Fates.  It's a bit hard-to-read, I know . . . I was in a rush.

Re-Elect Akilika Q
Re-Elect The Adorable One

During the time when new mods were being appointed at Meg's, I decided that I wanted to have a banner, even though I was already a mod.  After seeing mine, The Adorable One did, too. :)

Christmas Banners

Back when I was first learning how to use my graphics editing program, I made some Christmas banners for a few friends of mine.  I figured that Christmas was a safe enough holiday to wish happiness for . . . after all, even though some of my friends aren't Christians (heck, I'm an athiest, myself), looking at it from either a capitalist or social viewpoint, rather than religious . . .
Eh, whatever, I've taken too much time explaining, already.

Tears of Roses (1)
Tears of Roses (2)

Two banners I submitted to a banner contest for Tears of Roses, a message board I moderate.

Matt Addicted Zombies RPG

A banner that I gave to the person who ran the now-dead RPG, Matt Addicted Zombies.

Michael Reisz Fan Club

A banner I made for the one-manned, unofficial Michael Reisz Fan Club.

I Like Swords

I did this for a friend, The Adorable One.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find the big version of the picture, so I had to make do with this.  Ah, well.

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory 2  NEW!!

I did this in memory of the recent tragedy . . .
And then, I did a Digimon version.