Name: Aka-chan to Boku (TV series)

Translated Title: Baby and Me

35 Episodes total. Episodes 1-6 available fansubbed

Genre: Drama, (Gender neutral, although it has a pinch of shoujo flavor)

Summary and Review: Baby and Me is a tragic drama/comedy about a ten year old boy in Tokyo who is forced to raise his brother, a baby, after his mother dies. While his father still lives, he works as a computer programmer and comes out very late at night. Thus the big brother has to forsake a normal life to raise a sibling whom he both deeply loves and bitterly hates. From the first four episodes I've seen, this show is quite good, if you don't mind watching your heart being slowly ripped out of its emotionally socket. (BTW, episodes 3-6 are in fact, episodes 3-6. Sachi's made a mistake and titled them 1-4)

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